Are You Being Abused In Foster Care?

In many states across the country, the foster care system is in crisis. When the foster care system functions properly, children are placed in foster homes that are safe. Tragically, children sometimes are placed in foster homes where they are physically or sexually abused.

In some of these situations, foster parents do not make the children's best interests their top priority. In other cases, children are placed in homes that include older, violent offenders. These are perfect environments for abuse, and the consequences can be terrible.

Why Is This Happening?

In many states, the foster care system is overworked and under-funded. As a result, there are not enough qualified staff members to handle the number of children who are in the system.

To save money, many states have set up partnerships with privately owned companies to administer the foster care system. However, the private contractors often are not equipped to manage the complex challenges that exist within foster care. With some private contractors, their goal is to gain huge profits; personnel are not trained properly, case workers are not paying attention, and the signs of abuse and child neglect are missed.

Protecting Children Is Our Mission

At Shelton Law Office, P.A., we have made it our mission to protect both foster care children and their rights. We lead the effort to pursue justice in the courts for individuals nationwide who have been physically or sexually abused in foster care. We know how foster care systems are supposed to work, and we know how they can break down.

We skillfully and aggressively represent our clients against state agencies, companies and — when necessary — foster parents.

How To Contact Shelton Law Office, P.A.

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